The Best Minecraft Survival servers / SMP


The Best Minecraft Survival servers / SMP

Because Minecraft is a sandbox game, there are many ways to play it. Minecraft survival servers are the best way to enjoy the best parts of Minecraft. Which server is best and what are their differences? Let's see.

What is Minecraft SMP?

There are many game modes in Minecraft that both new and experienced players can enjoy. You can play the base game until you reach the "endgame" locations. This allows you to play the Minecraft vanilla servers directly without any mods or downloadings.

You can also be a speedrunner to try and reach the end as quickly as possible. Minecraft is known for its sandbox-type gameplay, where you can create any kind of world you like. You can, for example, make a whole world into a mini-game by using the engine. You can also re-create and build real-life landmarks and monuments.

Multiplayer mode is the final and best way to enjoy the game. This is also known as "survival multiplayer", or SMP, for short. These Minecraft survival servers allow you to share all aspects of survival with other Minecraft enthusiasts. You can play in the same server with your friends and strangers.

Minecraft survival servers don't have to be about survival. These servers are not always about survival, contrary to the name. They can be built on any basis the player desires. The term "SMP" can sometimes be vague because it doesn't necessarily refer to survival mode. Sometimes Minecraft survival servers are just community servers that allow friends to hang out.

15 Best Minecraft Survival Servers That You Must See

What are the best survival servers for Minecraft? Here's a list of 15 Minecraft survival servers that we think you should be able to use in 2021.

Blockdrop Network

1. Applecraft

IP Address:

The Applecraft server is one of our most popular Minecraft survival servers. It's so popular, in fact, that there can be hundreds of players at peak hours. It is a great way to enjoy the game, and it's best for peaceful players. This is because the server bans raiding or grieving other players. Moderators and staff also try to keep raids as low as possible.

What is it that makes Applecraft so unique? It offers a unique gaming experience, which is why it is so special. It also includes SetHomes and custom player shops for voting. It's also one of the best Minecraft vanilla server for players who desire the vanilla experience. It is still a survival game, with a parkour minigame. It's also possible to play the vanilla version in multiplayer on a huge map.

2. Blockdrop Network

IP Address:

The best Minecraft survival servers don't just focus on one gameplay system, but several. Blockdrop Network is one example of such a server. You can create, have factions and play mini-games. It also allows you to survive. Its most notable feature is the Bedwars mechanic.

Bedwars is an easy game. All you have to do is protect your bed and eliminate the beds of other players. This game can be quite exciting and fun, especially if your childhood was filled with games like tag. Blockdrop Network recently added "City Life" to their game. This allows you to play a simulation game similar to The Sims. It allows you to rent apartments, search for jobs, make a living, as well as find work.

3. CubeCraft

IP Address:

CubeCraft is not about survival. It's mainly about intricate mini-games that players can enjoy and engage in. CubeCraft offers a wide range of quality mini-games. You can find everything, from tower defense to parkour maps, and even SkyWars. You don't have to quit Minecraft to enjoy other types of games.

Minecraft servers such as CubeCraft are what really bring out the creativity Minecraft survival server servers are known for. You just need to jump in and have fun. It's no wonder that it is so popular!

4. DatBlock

IP Address:

DatBlock is one of the best Minecraft survival server that offers a wide range of experiences. You can enjoy multiplayer survival with multiple lenses. These can be either the vanilla game or something more advanced like Skyblock.

DatBlock's strength is not just being a variety server. This is because the survival experiences it offers offer unique concepts. DatEarth mode is a mode that allows you to play on a map around the Earth. You can expect some war between its cities and countries, as well as geopolitical conflict. It also offers DatMars, where you can have fun on an inhospitable world. It's similar to Mars. Although it may not be possible for you to survive, you can still have fun trying.

5. Herobrine

IP address:

Minecraft survival servers are a long-standing feature that has helped Minecraft survive. Herobrine, one of the originals, offers a classic multiplayer experience for all who enter. If you are looking for great mini-games and a detailed environment with bedwars, this is the server to choose.

Bedwars in this server might seem redundant if you have it in other servers. We promise you lots of fun because the Herobrine bedwars are unique. Unconvinced? Try it out and let us know what you think.

6. Hypixel

IP Address:

Hypixel is most likely one of the largest Minecraft survival server in existence. You might have heard the name Hypixel if you've been around a while. It's the most popular Minecraft survival server. Since its creation in 2013, players have been coming to it non-stop.

Once you enter the game, it's easy to see why. Hypixel is able to cater to all kinds of Minecraft players. Hypixel offers something for everyone, whether you enjoy competitive PvP or prefer to be independent and relax. You can fight mobs and create massive builds, as well as mine diamonds. You can select from about 12 different modes through the inventory interface. Pick one mode and you are good to go.

7. JartexNetwork

IP Address:

JartexNetwork may be the right choice for you if you are looking for a high-quality survival server. The server feels extremely professional and well-designed from the moment you log in. The in-game modes have been carefully selected, and the controls are intuitive.

JartexNetwork also offers everything you could need from an SMP such as this. Play mini-games and engage in survival gameplay. You can also play PvP through skyblock and factions. This is the ideal survival server and it's one-size-fits all.

8. ManaCube

IP Address:

ManaCube is one of the most unique Minecraft survival servers. You will find everything you would expect from a server that offers variety in its vast world. You will find survival skyblock factions and parkour as well as creative gameplay and many other things.

This server isn't just unique because of its variety. ManaCube has some of the best survival modes in the game. The server offers a cool island mode, where you must survive on an island submerged in water. The tricky part is that the water surrounding the island can be poisonous. ManaCube has a prison-based server. It is a survival game where you must make money, rank up, unlock more areas, and survive.

9. Mineplex

IP Address: /

Minecraft survival servers are rare. Because the server must be large enough that you feel like it is your own. It's not easy to have survival servers with so many players. This is unless you are playing in Mineplex.

Mineplex is the most popular Minecraft server. There are many battle arenas and zones for different game types. It's so big that it can host thousands of players at any one time. It is so large that some might say it feels legitimate MMO-like. You can play PvP and participate in the Mario Kart version.

10. MineSuperior

IP Address:

MineSuperior is one of the most popular survival servers in Minecraft. If you are looking for Minecraft 1.14 survival servers that focus on skyblocks, MineSuperior is the best. It's different from other Skyblock servers. The server offers a lot of flexibility as it provides other game modes to its players.

Fans of historical fantasy or just history might want to also check it out. This server was primarily designed with a medieval theme. You won't be disappointed by the Skyblock upgrades that have been added to it. They come in both ancient Greek and Roman versions.

11. MineVille

IP Address:

There are many Minecraft survival servers available, and some offer multiple game modes. MineVille is one example of this. You might feel overwhelmed by all the options. MineVille has your classic survival mode, which MineVille almost masters.

You can also play the other game modes. There are many unexpected twists and mechanics in these modes, which is what makes them so great. You can find ancient trials and marriages, races, jobs, and even jobs within these modes. You can even get custom enchantments if you want to go fantasy-oriented. We recommend this server to anyone who is tired of Minecraft survival servers.

12. Pixelmon Reforged Server

IP Address:

This next pick is a must-have for any Pokemon fan and Minecraft enthusiast. The Pixelmon Reforged Server is one of the most powerful Pixelmon servers in the game. It offers everything you could want in a Pokemon/Minecraft collaboration. It's not official, but it could feel that way because of how polished everything is.

It's also one of those servers that requires you to have your Minecraft modded. Before you can play, you will need to install the Pixelmon modpack. After that, you will be able to access more than 850 Pokemon on the server.

Pixelmon Reforged has many other game modes. For those who love the base game, there are vanilla game modes that allow for survival, creativity, and even skyblock. Its Pokemon-like gameplay is where it shines.

13. Purple Prison

IP address:

Do you want to escape prison? Purple Prison is not able to offer real-life jailbreak techniques, but it can provide lots of Prison-based entertainment. If you are looking for something prison-themed, it is one of the best Minecraft survival server.

Players are put in jail to start the game. Players then need to make enough money to be free and survive in the vast world. It feels very similar to standard survival PvP. It's far more brutal than other servers that are heavily focused on raiding and PvP. You can also create towns, form gangs and trade outposts. Purple Prison is a safe place to escape the harsh realities of real life.

14. SurviveWithUs

IP Address:

You might be wondering what Minecraft servers support survival multiplayer. We've already listed many on this list. SurviveWithUs is the most well-known Minecraft survival server. SurviveWithUs is a survival multiplayer that delivers high-quality and reliable gameplay.

It's a great server because it has constant support. Although it was built in 2018, it still receives weekly updates in 2021. Each plugin is custom-made by the developers, so you can have fun and enjoy high-quality gameplay.

You'll see that Minecraft's survival gameplay is rewarded within the server. It doesn't matter if you want to earn in-game cash for killing mobs, or claiming land for perpetual survival. SurviveWithUs, a server that allows you to test your Minecraft survival skills, is the best.

15. The Mining Dead

IP Address:

After a while, the regular survival experience in many survival servers can become monotonous. If this sounds familiar, you might consider switching to "The Mining Dead" survival server.

This server, as you might expect, is based on "The Walking Dead." It takes place in a zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic world. The main goal is to survive. It's a difficult task because you have zero inventory and must search every deserted area for resources. You also have to keep an eye out for zombies.

Why play Minecraft Survival Mode?

Minecraft is a popular online game and it's not surprising why. The game is extremely deep and offers tons of content, despite what its blocky exterior may make you believe. It is possible to spend hundreds of hours playing the game and not even realize it. If Minecraft is already great, why not try Minecraft survival servers instead? There are many reasons to consider Minecraft survival servers, but these are the most important.

Fun Challenge

Survival games present a challenge because you have to plan your strategy. How can you survive and collect your resources? How can you defeat the enemies and other players that are out to kill you?

This is a test of your brain and skills. There are no real-world consequences, except for rage-quitting or destroying your keyboard. This is a great way to get your skills tested and have some fun.

There are tons of options

There are so many Minecraft survival servers that it is nearly impossible to sort through them all. You will find both large and small survival server, each lovingly made by a passionate player. Each one is unique in that it has a different theme or mechanic, which can draw different types of players.

Some Minecraft survival servers are more focused on the multiplayer vanilla experience. Some others try to make things more interesting by using mechanics or medieval themes from other games. There are sims and Pokemon. You might also be missing out on many other world-building options. It's a great way to get some variety if you are bored with the basic game.

Enjoying fun with friends and the community

Another benefit of Minecraft survival servers are the fact that they can be played with your friends. As an individual game, Minecraft is great. There's a lot of fun when you play with other like-minded people. You can invite your friends to join you in the fun.

How to Make Your Own Minecraft Survival Server

You might be interested in creating your own Minecraft survival server. You can create your own Minecraft survival server, which is a great way to express your passion for the game. This tutorial will show you how to create your Minecraft survival server using the Java Edition.

Step 1: Download Minecraft Java Edition

First, Minecraft Java Edition is required to host a custom server. You can't use Pocket, Windows 10 or console versions of Minecraft Java Edition. So make sure you buy and download it first.

Step 2: Download the latest Java Version

Second, make sure that you are running the most recent Java version. The latest version of Java can be downloaded here. You can download the program in the same way you would normally download any other software.

Click on the button to download the software and accept its terms and conditions. After that, open the JavaSetup executable file within your downloads directory. Next, let the app make changes to your computer before hitting the Install button.

Step 3: Download the Minecraft server

Next, download the Server.jar file from Minecraft's website. Download the link that says minecraft_server.1.17.1.jar (Note: the number might change based on the latest version).

Step 4: Create an entirely new folder

After that, you should create a folder on your desktop to store all the files. This folder can be named "Minecraft Server" (or any other name that suits your project). Next, open the downloaded folder and copy the Server.jar file to your newly created Minecraft folder. To run the file, click on "Open" and right-click on it. The folder should now be filled with all the files required to run the application.

Step 5: Start the server

Next, open the file eula.text created in the folder. Change the line "eula=false” to "eula=true". Finally, go to the Notepad's File menu, and click Save. Next, open the server.jar file by right-clicking on it and hit "Open." This will open a window that will indicate that you have officially launched a server.

You can now play on the server with your friends who have the same internet access as you. Congratulations! Have fun!

Optional: How to Set Difficulty

Minecraft's difficulty level is one of the server features that really adds flavor to the game. Some people prefer more peaceful game modes, while others like more challenge. No matter what type of player you are, this is how to set the difficulty level for your server.

This can only be done if you are already a server administrator. You can't make the changes without permission. Here's how you can change the difficulty of your server.

Now you can adjust the difficulty of your game. You can now enjoy your new world, which you can either make peaceful or chaotic with enemies.

The Final Word

It's great fun to play in Minecraft survival servers. You only need the IP address and the appropriate downloads to get started. If you are tired of playing by yourself, it's a great way to get the game experience. It's also a great way for you to really get into the unique gameplay mechanics offered by a server. It's also a great way for "socializing" without ever having to go outside.