Piglin bartering 101


Piglin bartering 101

Minecraft offers a unique way to trade with Piglins for a variety of items. These hostile mobs are found in the Nether realm and usually spawn in Bastion Reborn structures. They are very unlikely to attack anyone wearing golden armor.

Players can throw gold ingots at Piglins and they will immediately grab the item and begin inspecting it. Players can barter with Piglins and soon they will return an item. Players who have a lot of gold ingots can obtain many useful items that will allow them to advance in the game.

Five best items you can get in Piglin trading in Minecraft

5) Obsidian blocks

Bartering is a great way to get obsidian blocks. There is an 8.71% chance that players will get this block from Piglins. This is a great way of getting the strong block, as it takes quite a while to mine. This is how speedrunners get obsidian blocks so that they can create another Nether portal to the overworld.

4) Iron Boots with Soul Speed Enchantment

It is rare and can only be obtained by players as it contains a treasure-enchantment. Soul Speed allows players to walk faster on soulsand. This can be very beneficial for the Soul Sand Valley biome. The iron boots players can use to wear the Soul Speed are already pre-applied. This item can be obtained by bartering at a chance of 1.74%. It also has a random level of enchantment.

3) Ender Pearls

Piglins usually sell ender pearls, which are very important items. Ender pearls can be used to teleport players to the place where they were thrown. It can also be used to create the Eye of Ender. This helps in activating the End portal and finding the stronghold. This method is used by speedrunners to quickly obtain Ender pearls. This item is at risk of being dropped by Piglins at a rate of 2.18%.

2) Fire resistance potion

The Nether is a place full of fire and lava. Players can easily be burned to death by this lava and fire. Bartering is a way for them to get potion of fire resistant. The chance that a potion will be dropped by piglins in splash or normal form is 1.74%. This prevents players taking any burn damage, even if they're in lava.

1) Enchanted Book

An enchanted books is one of the most valuable things you can get from bartering. The enchanting table provides random enchantments to players who enchant their gear.

They can trade with librarian villages or barter with these mobs in order to obtain a book with certain powerups. They have a 1.09 percent chance of dropping an enchanted books. One of those books can also contain the Soul Speed enchantment.