Minecraft scifi mods that you should try out


Minecraft scifi mods that you should try out

Mods are great for players who get tired of the same Minecraft world. These programs can be used to completely alter the game and provide new content for players to enjoy.

Science-fiction mods make it easy to role-play in Minecraft. These mods also include a few futuristic tools, world-generation changes, and other fun features that make exploring the Minecraft world more enjoyable.

5) Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering, which is available in Minecraft 1.16, adds many new ores and tools. This mod adds electricity and wiring differently to the rest.

Players might encounter hemp in the wild. You can get seeds by punching grass. The mod also includes a manual that can be used to craft a book.

4) Trek Craft

This mod was inspired by Star Trek, an American science fiction media franchise. This mod allows you to install 62 new blocks and multiple new items. You can also use this mod to create different types of slabs and stairs.

3) Refraction

Refraction is a very underrated mod for Minecraft that focuses on sci-fi. It is based on manipulating light. A player can achieve this by creating magnifiers and collecting sunlight. There are special features that each color of light has.

2) HaloCraft 2.0

HaloCraft was inspired by Halo, one of the most popular first-person shooter games ever made. This mod will allow you to add weapons, tools, and resources from Halo. These weapons can be used to fight enemies in Halo or defeat normal mobs.

1) AliensVsPredator

This mod is inspired by a famous sci-fi media franchise. This mod will allow you to add aliens and weapons to the Alien Vs. Predator movie series. The vast amount of Minecraft content that this mod offers will keep players engaged.

It is currently available for version 1.2.2. This mod's creators recommended that players back up their worlds before they start playing. Unexpected changes could occur.