MInecraft dungeons Nightmare's Bite guide


MInecraft dungeons Nightmare's Bite guide

Nightmare's Bite is a unique pair of sickles for Minecraft Dungeons. Its most notable feature is Nightmare's Bite's venomous attack due to its Poison Cloud enchantment.

Nightmare's bite has a good attack speed, similar to standard sickle weapon attacks. It can also take down multiple enemies because of the poison clouds it can spawn.

These clouds can remain where they spawn for a while and do damage to enemy mobs over time. This gives Minecraft Dungeons heroes some unique area control options. They can create a field of poison to soften opponents before they move in for the kill.

Minecraft Dungeons: Finding Nightmare's Bite

There are several options available to players when they attempt to obtain Nightmare's Bite in Minecraft Dungeons. The unique sickles can be obtained as loot drops at certain levels and difficulty, or they can be snatched from an enemy during Ancient Hunts.

The hero can choose which path they want to take, but it's up to them to decide. It doesn't hurt not to try other options if one fails. Most items, including Nightmare's Bite are dependent on the game's RNG (random numbers generator) loot system. Heroes will need to persist to obtain Nightmare's Bite.

Below are the current methods for obtaining Nightmare's Bite in Minecraft Dungeons.

As a Loot Drop

Merchant Inventories

During Ancient Hunts

It all comes down to the Minecraft Dungeons players preference for how they would like to acquire the weapon.

Many heroes are focused on switching between merchants and Ancient Hunt mobs. The quick acquisition of unique sickles gilded from Ancient Mobs through grinding can be a great way to get them. Merchants' inventories are constantly changing if they don't show up immediately.

Keep a stockpile of emeralds, gold and other items handy in case the RNG drops occur while completing levels or Ancient Hunt instances.